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Well the Grand Old Duke of York may have had ten thousand men, but here at Scrap My Cars, we want to scrap ten thousand cars! Any car, of any make, model, age or condition, we’ll have it off you and pay you a cracking price in cash for it. When you come to us to scrap my car York, we will make sure that you get the very best deal, as there could be nothing worse than messing up a beautiful historic city with your old banger of a car. Failing an MOT or having an accident which causes significant damage to your car is  upsetting, and working out whether to repair the damage or not can be confusing, but we want all of our customers in York to know that they always have an option with us. Although many believe that selling a car would be more profitable, here at Scrap My Cars as we are not only a scrap yard, but also a second hand car dealer, a breakers and used parts dealer and exporter, we can usually pay you the very best price for your car, as we will always find something to do with it.


When you scrap my car York with Scrap My Cars, we can ensure that not only will we pay you handsomely for it, we will also guarantee the very highest level of service. Wherever you are in the country, we will come to collect your car, free of charge. Unlike other companies, regardless of where you are, and how far away from our nearest collection agent you are, we ill never charge you a collection fee on your vehicle. On top of this, when you scrap my car York with us, we will even sort out all the DVLA paperwork for you ensuring that you are issued with a Certificate of Destruction. All you have to do is send off the V5.

When we buy a car, it will go through the recycling process. We are and Environment Agency approved Authorised Treatment Facility, with over 25 years of experience in making sure that all cars are recycled as much as possible.

1. This first part of the process is to de-pollute the car. De-pollution is the process we use to remove and filter all the harmful chemicals from the car and dispose of them safely. This will include oil, fuel and coolant.

2. The second part of the recycling process is to strip the car of parts. Although some parts in your car may be damaged, there will be more that can be used again. We will clean and recondition these parts and sell them on, helping other drivers back on the road at a discount price.

3. Finally, when all the parts have been removed from the car, we will crush it. The shell is put into the baler, which cubes the car. This metal will then be used again.


Coming to Scrap My Cars to scrap my car York will be one of the best decisions you make all year. Not only can you make a great price, you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment and helping towards making the UK a cleaner and greener environment. Call 01204 323 145 or fill in the online form to send us a request to scrap my car York.

Feel free to contact us with any questions Call us : 01204 323 145 or Email - twalker@thescrappers.co.uk

Any Car Bought For Cash

The main reason, without doubt is that we pay the very best prices on all the cars that we buy. Regardless of age, make or condition, we will always be the one with the best quote. We find that we can use a lot of car parts when people come to us to buy second hand car parts, and therefore, we can always offer a bit more. If you are having trouble moving your car, we can also come to collect it free of charge. There are some companies that won’t have the right collection truck, however, we have a truck for all vehicles.

So if you Sell your Car for cash we’ll come and collect it free of charge, and pay you in collection.

Feel free to contact us with any questions Call us : 01204 323 145

We Should Recycle More –Any Car Bought for Cash

We are an Authorised Treatment Facility, and have even been approved by the Environment Agency to ensure that all cars are de-polluted. When we buy your car, we’ll bring it into the yard and strip it for parts. And good, clean working parts will be put on sale, to help others get back on the road. The next step is to filter any harmful chemicals from the engine, including petrol, oil and coolant. Finally, the van will be crushed and the metal can be used to make other cars and vans.

So why don’t you help us make the environment cleaner and greener? Sell your car for cash today.