Sherwood forest is famous for its links with Robin Hood and preserving the forest and the environment around it is one of the most important conservation projects in the UK, ensuring that the trees that are there are well looked after and more are planted to help the environment. So if you live in the Nottingham area, we’re sure that you are just as concious about the environment as we are. As an Authorised Treatment Facility, we have been recycling and reusing cars and their parts for over 25 years. We’re that good, we have even been approved by the Environment Agency. This means that although you’re choosing us when you’re thinking “I need to scrap my car Nottingham”, we will never actually leave your car to rust on the scrap heap. Instead it will be put through three processes;

1. When we bring your car back to our scrap yard, we will in the first instance break the car for parts. Any parts within your car that can be reused will be cleaned and refurbished to the highest of standards, and sold on.

2. The next step is to de-pollute the car. Within any vehicle, there will be chemicals and fluids that could be harmful to the environment, and so these are filtered and disposed of safely.

3. Finally, the car is just a shell and is ready to be crushed. We will sell the remaining metal, and this will be reused to make other things.


We have been buying, selling, breaking and scrapping cars for over 25 years, and we have customer that come back again and again when they need to sell a car Nottingham way with Any Car Bought For Cash. This is because not only can we ensure that you will be paid the best price in cash for your car, we also provide an outstanding service. We have scrap car collectors working every single day of the week, and we will always come to collect your car at a time and location to suit you. When we arrive, we’ll hand over the cash and take the car, it’s as easy as that. We’ll even deal with all the DVLA paperwork for you, so all you have to do is send off your V5 and get to work spending the big bucks we will pay.

We will buy any car, regardless of the make, model or condition. So if you have been worrying about the condition of your car, you have no need to worry, as we will always take it when you come to Any Car Bought For Cash in Nottingham. If you have been in an accident which has caused irreparable damage, or one of the parts has stopped working, even if your car has failed its MOT, we will buy your car.


All you have to do to take advantage of free collection and the very best prices when you scrap a car or sell a car Nottingham, call 01204 323 145 or fill in the online form with the details we need and we’ll give you a call back as soon as possible with a quote. Call Any Car Bought For Cash today, to scrap my car Nottingham.