Who Buys Any Car?

Anyone else get that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach when they realise the MOT is due on their car?

Any Car Bought For Cash will buy any car.

Do you get a lump in the back of your throat when your mechanic hands over the list of work that needs to be done? – And that’s not even including the advisories!

Break into a hot sweat about how you’re going to find the money before you screech  “how much?!”. 

Running a car or van can be an extremely costly affair, especially when it’s an older vehicle.


There is only so much money motorists are prepared to pay before it suddenly dawns on them that it’s time to ditch their current car.

It’s the same story with an accident damaged vehicle. It may be a new car but it’s been damaged in a prang, so why not sell your accident car today with us.

If you’re feeling bemused over who buys MOT failures or who buys accident damaged cars or who buys any car? You need no longer feel bemused.

Let Any Car Bought For Cash be the solution to your predicament. 

We can’t cure your ailing car but it could make other cars better and here’s why.

Because at Any Car Bought For Cash we buy any car. The reason we do this is because we can use parts from your car to assist other cars.

That’s why we will never refuse any car take back providing you’re happy with our offer.

The majority of our customers are chuffed to pieces with the offers we make on buying any car or van. That’s down to the fact that we offer really inviting bids. Attractive bids on any car we buy or any van we buy – because we buy any van too!


And we also do a ‘you ring we bring’ service too. Yep, we can come and collect your vehicle for free so you don’t have to get it to our yard. Our base is in Bolton but cars and vans come to us from all over the place. We have a fleet of collection trucks equipped to take on the heavies. So even if you have a hefty tractor you want to sell we’ll handle it. If you’re wondering who buys tractors you should call us as we can buy your tractor.

Any Car Bought For Cash can buy any vehicle from titchy witchy to mega truck monsters!

There ain’t a single vehicle we’d shun!

So if you’re wondering, “who buys any car?” we do, we buy any car – Any Car Bought For Cash will buy your car today. 

Any Car Bought For Cash is a name you can trust. Our sister company is The Scrappers – a family run scrap car and dismantlers with 30 years experience in the car salvage business.