We buy any car Manchester

WHAT would you do if you could muster up some cash quickly?

What would you spend it on?

Put it towards a nice holiday when lockdown is finally lifted?

Treat yourself to a new outfit or tricky pair of shoes?

Perhaps you’d just like to keep it in the bank, with peace of mind it’s there for a rainy day.

We all like to come into money, who doesn’t?! And it can be as easy as picking up the phone and talking to the Any Car Bought For Cash team.

Here, at Any Car Bought For Cash we buy any car – near and far.

So if, for example, you live in Manchester, and you’re thinking, “where can I sell my car Manchester?”, we buy any car Manchester way and beyond!

We offer a car take back Manchester service because our HQ is just down the road in Bolton.

So that means we can cover all of the North West because we have drivers all over.

Our car collection drivers love a good pootle out and are based nationwide in fact, so there’s no need to worry about distance. 

If you have a car to sell, a van to sell, a truck or even a lorry – our drivers will gladly come and collect it from you, offering you the best prices going. 

There isn’t a make or model we’d say no to, we literally buy any car, any vehicle at all.

And we want to stress that we’ll buy any car that runs and that doesn’t run. 

So if you’re thinking, “who buys non-running cars,” that would be us!


Any Car Bought For Cash can offer better prices for vehicles because we break down cars and use parts for other vehicles and we also export parts too – all over the world in fact.

But it’s good news for you because it raises our prices meaning you get a better deal

And we do everything above board here too, we’re an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) following government guidelines on recycling and handling waste materials. That means you and your car are in safe hands.

There’s no need to worry about the state of your car or van, we are not bothered if the bodywork is bashed or if the miles on the clock are high or if it’s failed it’s MOT.

We buy MOT failure cars, we will buy your accident damaged car, we will buy your high mileage car too. We buy any car Manchester and beyond. So sell your car today!

Give us a call on (01204) 323145 or get an instant quote on our website

If you’re happy with your offer we can usually collect your car for free on the same day. This means payment to your bank account is instant too. 

So, if you’re in a dash for cash in a flash, give Any Car Bought For Cash a bash!

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