How to get paid for removing end of life cars

If your much-loved vehicle has reached the end of the road, then you can get paid by professionals who happily remove end of life cars.

Among the leading players for buying and removing end of life cars is Any Car Bought For Cash who are willing to take cars in any condition including accident damaged and MOT failures.

In addition to paying the best prices, the team can arrange for a free collection of your unwanted vehicle, wherever you are in the country because we buy any car.

You will also be paid directly into your bank account when your car is picked up so you will have money to invest in a new vehicle or to spend on something you really want to.

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Search online for scrap cars bought for cash

However, when you search online for scrap cars bought for cash you may encounter some scrap yards that appear to be too good to be true. That’s because they probably aren’t.

They may be offering slightly more money and if they offer to pay hard cash for your car, then you will be breaking the law.

That’s because paying cash for a scrap vehicle is now illegal and you must be paid into your bank account.

Also, any scrap yard offering cash is probably not an authorised treatment facility so will be unable to give you a certificate of destruction which is the proof that DVLA needs that your car has been disposed of properly.

Thankfully, the Any Car Bought For Cash team is an authorised treatment facility and can offer you this certificate which will bring peace of mind.

Free scrap car removal

There’s also the issue of free scrap car removal and the team will offer this, regardless of where your car is.

Your scrap car could be at work, at home and if it’s an MOT failure and too expensive to repair, then it may be at a garage.

It doesn’t really matter since the process is still the same; the team will arrange a free removal and either the team or an agent will turn up to remove your car and you will be paid directly into your bank account.

It can be a worry trying to find a reputable scrap yard for meeting your needs and with so many scrap yards being returned from an online search, sorting the wheat from the chaff can also be difficult.

You should always take care to ensure that the scrap yard is an authorised treatment facility and you won’t go far wrong by using them.

However, if you want to the best price, then you need to contact the Any Car Bought For Cash team because they need your end of life car to meet the growing demand for quality second-hand car parts from buyers in the UK and overseas. You can call them today on (01204) 323145.