Any Car Bought For Cash – Our Promise

When it comes to scrapping your vehicle, then you need to consider if you want to earn the best scrap price and comply with the law.

The friendly team is confident of offering the very best price for your scrap car, regardless of its age, condition or make.

One reason for this is that there is a strong demand for quality second hand car parts which we are looking to meet – and we buy ANY car that you may be wanting to get rid of.

This means that because we will use a lot of parts from your scrap vehicle, we can offer a bit more than rivals.

‘Sell my car for scrap’ with Metro Car Buyers 01204 323147.

Issues with end of life cars or scrap vehicles

The other issue to consider with end of life cars or scrap vehicles, is that if you are struggling to move yours then we can collect it for free.

Not only will we pay directly into your bank account when we do so, but we can collect your end of life vehicle wherever you are in the UK.

This is because we have a network of friendly and reliable agents working on our behalf to pick up your vehicle at a time and place to suit you.

Along with offering the best cash for cars UK prices, you’ll be reassured that the team will recycle your vehicle effectively since we are an authorised treatment facility.

Best cash for scrap cars price

This may not be important when you are trawling various sites looking for the best cash for scrap cars price.

However, only an authorised treatment facility can hand you a certificate of destruction which is the legal proof you will need for the DVLA that your car has been disposed of in a legal way.

This means that should another car scrapping firm, which may have offered slightly more money but is not an authorised treatment facility, may strip the car of valuable parts and dump what’s left for you to deal with.

It’s best to avoid this hassle while earning the most money for your end of life or scrap car by speaking with the team to see how much your unwanted vehicle is worth.

The scrap car collection service is free and if you want to know more about the promise, then speak with the friendly team today on (01204) 323145.