Tips on MoT failures bought for cash by scrap yards

MOT failures bought for cash – If you need a reputable scrap yard interested in MOT failures bought for cash, then you need to get in touch with, then you need to get in touch with

If your vehicle – whether it’s a car or van – has failed its MOT, then it may make financial sense to sell it for scrap rather than paying for expensive repairs.

By doing so, you will get the best scrap price for your MOT failure and a free scrap car collection service to make this easier.

Indeed, if your MOT failure is at the garage then you will be unable to drive it to a scrapyard so it’s a worry-free service having the team pick it up from the garage on your behalf.

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Scrap your car urgently

If you need to scrap your car urgently and be paid directly into your bank account so you can buy another vehicle, then the team can help.

However, you should be wary about any scrap yard offering to pay cash for your vehicle since this is now illegal.

Instead, they must pay by cheque or by transfer into your account and you should also check whether the scrap yard wanting an MOT failure for sale is an authorised treatment facility.

This means their activities to depollute your vehicle and then recycle it correctly are being done in accordance with the law and the Environment Agency will be checking up on them.

There’s no doubt that when you have an MOT failure for sale that you should keep within the law at all times.

Scrap my vehicle

The other big attraction when you search online for someone to ‘scrap my vehicle’, is that the team will give you a certificate of destruction.

It’s this legal proof that the DVLA may need that shows that you have legally disposed of your vehicle, even if it has failed its MOT. Not having this certificate means you will still be responsible for your car or van after you’ve handed it over for hard cash.

So, you could waste time advertising an MOT failure sale in the hope that someone will meet your asking price, or you could quickly access cash to buy another car.

If you would like more tips and advice on MOT failures bought for cash by a reputable scrap yard, then you need to speak with the team on (01204) 323145.