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The list of sites stating that ‘We buy any scrap car’ is quite long, but it’s also worth dealing with a reputable scrap yard firm that pays the best price.

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This question of trust is an important one because you not only want to earn the most money for your scrap car but must also do things legally.

This point is very important because the laws on scrapping vehicles have changed in recent years.

The most important issue is that you can no longer be paid in cash when scrapping a vehicle and you must be paid directly into your bank account instead. This is what Anycarboughtforcash.com will do for you.

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Cash for scrap cars

It’s also important that when looking for a firm that pays cash for scrap cars that you use a scrap yard that is an authorised treatment facility (ATF).

This might not sound important when a scrap yard is offering more money and is keen to pay cash but it is probably not an ATF.

This means they are not being monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that your scrap car is depolluted properly and then recycled as much as possible with what’s left being scrapped.

This then leads us on to the problem that only an ATF can give you a certificate of destruction which proves to the DVLA that you have legally disposed of your vehicle.

Not having the certificate means you are still legally responsible for the vehicle you’ve handed over for cash.

What’s the problem? The big problem is that if the scrapping firm you’ve handed it over then racks up parking or speeding tickets, then you are liable for these.

And if they dump the carcass of the vehicle after stripping parts from it, then you are responsible for that too.

Scrap car removal service

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