Need a VW scrap yard?

Need a reputable VW scrap yard to earn the best price and ensure your car is recycled responsibly? Then you need to speak with the team today.

That’s because they have years of experience and have bought more than 3,500 scrap cars since 2015 – many of those will have been unwanted Golfs, Jettas, Passats and Polos.

And by doing so, VW owners have been reassured that they’ve earned the best price for their scrap Volkswagen and the team can arrange to pick up your unwanted VW car or van at a time to suit you and from your workplace or home.

If your VW car is cluttering the driveway or has simply reached the end of its life or is an MOT failure, then it’s worth something to the team.

Best price for your scrap Volkswagen car or van

scrap car network
A scrap car network will offer the best prices and it’s why you should choose

Getting the best price for your scrap Volkswagen car or van is simple as you can use an online form to find out how much your unwanted vehicle is worth in just a few seconds.

Alternatively, you could speak with a member of the team, get a price and then arrange for your vehicle to be picked up from anywhere in the country.

That’s because has a network of reputable agents who will pick up your scrap vehicle and pay you directly into your bank account when doing so.

Do not be tempted to accept an offer that may be higher with a scrap yard offering hard cash because this is now illegal and all payments must be paid into a bank account.

Best price for scrapping Volkswagen vans and cars

There’s no reason to risk breaking the law and if you need a reputable firm paying the best price for scrapping Volkswagen vans and cars, then you really do need the experts at

In addition to earning money, the operation is an authorised treatment facility which means they are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that unwanted Volkswagens are scrapped in a responsible way without harming our environment.

That’s not the case should you use a rogue scrap yard which is not an authorised treatment facility because you run the risk that they may not depollute the vehicle properly and, even worse, simply strip valuable spare parts from it and dump what is left for you to resolve.

Essentially, only an authorised treatment facility can give you a certificate of destruction which proves you have legally disposed of your unwanted Volkswagen and if it’s dumped by the rogue operation on a verge then you will be held legally liable for removing it.

To avoid this issue and to earn the best price when searching for a VW scrap yard, it’s time to deal with the experts at so contact them today on 01204 323106.