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The team will not only put the money in your bank account when they pick up your scrap car but they can arrange for a free collection to take place as soon as possible – wherever you are in the country.

That’s because along with their own fleet of trucks, uses a network of reputable agents to pick up your scrap car from your workplace or home at a time to suit you.

The friendly team are interested in scrap cars that may be MOT failures, are accident damaged or have simply reached the end of their life.

Scrapping a car for cash

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Don’t waste time searching for ‘scrap my car today’ when will offer the best price for your scrap car or van.

Scrapping a car for cash is simple and to find out how much your unwanted vehicle is worth, simply use the online form to tell the team the registration number, your postcode and telephone number.

Within seconds you receive a quote or you can call the team on 01204 323145.

So, should you need to sell your car for cash, then you should contact Anycarboughtforcash as your first option.

It’s the easiest way of disposing of your unwanted vehicle in a responsible way, rather than selling it privately or stripping parts from it to sell on.

You may find that if you take parts from the vehicle that it will affect the price and a reputable scrapping firm may not take your car off your hands.

Advice about the car scrapping process

If you would like help and advice about the car scrapping process, then the team are willing to answer any questions you may have and to appreciate that you should use an authorised treatment facility.

This is important because the facilities are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that your scrap car or van is legally disposed of and recycled properly.

This means our environment will not be harmed by oils, fluids and the battery will be sent for recycling.

There is more to scrapping a car than most people appreciate and whether your car is a worn-out taxi or has a high mileage, it’s worth something to the team.

If you want to ‘sell my car for scrap’ and deal with reputable and friendly people, then you will earn the best price when you contact