Scrap cars wanted by

The scrap cars wanted by means the team are able to pay the best prices on the ones that they buy.

This is regardless of your vehicle’s age or condition and the team will be offering among the best quotes possible.

They also offer a free pick-up service wherever you are in the country and have a network of reputable agents that will pick up your scrap car or van to suit you and pay into your bank account when doing so.

You may find that when negotiating with scrap yards they may not have the right collection truck, but you will be reassured that your car will be picked up because the have the right truck for every type of vehicle.

Scrapping your car for cash

scrap my car today
Don’t waste time searching for ‘scrap my car today’ when will offer the best price for your scrap car or van.

The other issue when scrapping your car for cash is that scrapyards cannot actually legally pay you cash any more.

Instead, they must pay directly into your bank account and you will need to be wary of any scrap yard offering to pay hard cash.

Also, it’s unlikely that any scrapyard offering to pay cash is an authorised treatment facility, which means they have been approved by the Environment Agency to depollute and recycle your unwanted vehicle.

That’s not the case with who are an authorised treatment facility and as much of your vehicle will be recycled as possible and any harmful chemicals will be dealt with properly without harming our environment.

Once everything that can be removed and sold on has been, the car or van will then be crushed so the metal can be recycled.

Buy a scrap car for cash in any condition

Not only will the team buy a scrap car for cash in any condition, but they are also willing to buy fleets of unwanted cars.

If your business is looking to invest in a new fleet of cars or vans, then you need to contact the team to discuss selling your unwanted fleet as a job lot.

So, if your car is an MOT failure, regardless of its age and if it’s a commercial vehicle and whether it is damaged or the engine no longer works, it’s worth something to the team.

To find out exactly how much your unwanted vehicle is worth then you need to contact the ‘scrap cars wanted’ team today on (01204) 323145.