Searching for a BMW scrap yard?

If you need a BMW scrap yard that pays the best prices, then you should speak to the team.

That’s because the friendly team not only have the best prices but can arrange to pick up your unwanted BMW at a time to suit you and pay instantly into your bank account when they do so.

Regardless of whether your BMW is accident damaged or an MOT failure, it’s still worth something to the team as a recycled vehicle.

In addition, even if the car has engine failure or a damaged gearbox, or has simply reached the end of its life, you can earn money when scrapping your BMW.

Scrapping a BMW for the best price

scrap car network
A scrap car network will offer the best prices and it’s why you should choose

When it comes to scrapping a BMW for the best price, it’s important to appreciate that there is a premium for these vehicles because of the demand for spare parts.

In addition to UK buyers wanting to repair their BMWs, the team also work with international partners and will export items such as the engine and gearbox to buyers overseas.

This strong export trade means they can pay more than other scrapyards for unwanted BMWs.

It’s important to appreciate that as much of your scrap BMW will be as recycled as is possible, and what is left will be recycled as scrap metal.

This means that even the tyres and battery will be recycled and the experts at will ensure that this is done in an environmentally-friendly way.

Scrapping a BMW car

Indeed, when it comes to scrapping a BMW car that you use a scrapyard that is an authorised treatment facility as this means the yard is monitored by the Environment Agency.

In addition, only these facilities are able to give you a certificate of destruction that proves you have disposed of your unwanted BMW in a legal and environmentally-friendly way.

You run several risks when not using an authorised treatment facility for scrapping your BMW, including not having the certificate of destruction and getting paid in cash is no longer legal.

The best way to save yourself the trouble when dealing with an unprofessional scrapyard is to deal with the team who are BMW scrap yard experts and offer the best prices possible, regardless of where you are in the country. Contact the team today on (01204) 323145.