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In other blogs on this site, we’ve explained that some marques carry a premium and if you’re searching online for a BMW scrapyard near me, then you’ll realise this.

If you contact several yards, then the prices will vary for scrapping your vehicle but reputable firms will appreciate that BMWs and Mercedes, for example, are in demand and will offer more to take your car off your hands.

The Anycarboughtforcash.com team will also arrange free collection regardless of where you are in the country utilising a friendly and experienced network of agents who will pay immediately into your bank after picking up your vehicle.

This issue of earning a premium when scrapping your BMW means you should be wary of any scrapyard or anyone offering to pay hard cash, and if their offer is way more than reputable firms are offering then there is a reason for this.

Scrapping a BMW for cash

scrap car network anycarboughforcash.com
A scrap car network will offer the best prices and it’s why you should choose Anycarboughtforcash.com.

Firstly, scrapping a BMW for cash is an illegal act and you must be paid by bank transfer or cheque by the scrapping firm.

Also, it’s unlikely that anyone offering hard cash to scrap your BMW is a reputable firm and it’s unlikely also that they are an authorised treatment facility.

Only an authorised treatment facility will be able to offer a certificate of destruction to prove to the DVLA that you have scrapped your BMW in a responsible way.

Not having this certificate means you are still legally liable or responsible for your car and whatever happens to it.

So, you may think that earning a few quid more from a firm that is not an authorised treatment facility is a win-win situation – but that’s not the case should any parking fines or speeding tickets need to be dealt with.

Scrapping a BMW for money

Instead, it’s much better when scrapping a BMW for money that you deal with reputable firms and that means dealing with Anycarboughtforcash.com.

With years of experience in scrapping cars and vans, we are able to offer the best prices because there is a strong demand for the spare parts from BMW’s so others can repair their vehicles.

In addition, there is strong demand from overseas and the Anycarboughtforcash.com team will be exporting BMW car parts to a growing number of clients overseas.

If you are searching for a BMW scrapyard near me, then you need to contact the friendly at Anycarboughtforcash.com.to find out how much your BMW is worth as scrap.