Scrap cars wanted for cash!

scrap car network

The headline scrap cars wanted for cash sums up what the team strive to do every day of the week.

In order to meet growing demand for quality spare parts, including from buyers overseas, we require a steady stream of scrap cars and vans, regardless of their age or condition.

That’s because the vehicles will be recycled as much as possible so the parts can be reused by others to repair their vehicles.

These parts are required by buyers in the UK and there’s a thriving export business for them too.

Buy scrap cars for cash

scrap car network
A scrap car network will offer the best prices and it’s why you should choose

However, it also needs to be appreciated that anyone offering to buy scrap cars for cash must pay you by direct transfer in to your bank account or by cheque because paying actual cash is now illegal in the UK.

You may be tempted to go with a higher offer from a rogue scrapyard, but you could be making an expensive mistake.

You also need to appreciate that only an authorised treatment facility can give a certificate of destruction which is proof to the DVLA that you have legally and responsibly scrapped your vehicle.

The team can do this for you and take care of the paperwork and also arrange for a free collection of your vehicle, regardless of where you are in the country.

This collection can be arranged at a time to suit you so whether the car or van is at work or at home, then we will be happy to pick it up.

We can do this because we have a network of agents working on our behalf and they deliver high levels of professionalism and will pay into your bank when we pick up your vehicle.

Buy unwanted vehicles for cash

There’s just a word of warning for those who respond to adverts offering to buy unwanted vehicles for cash and that’s the fact you will still be responsible for that vehicle unless you deal with an authorised treatment facility.

Imagine receiving parking or speeding tickets in the days and weeks after you think you scrapped your vehicle, but unless you comply with the law, you’ll still be legally responsible for it.

This issue also extends to those rogue scrapper’s who will pay slightly more for your vehicle, strip it of the expensive parts they sell, but then dump your vehicle on the roadside.

The authorities will be in touch for you to remove it or they’ll take care of this and send you a bill for doing so. Essentially, what you thought was a great deal to earn a bit more money from a firm offering hard cash has turned into an expensive mistake.

Don’t be that person who is tempted by adverts from rogue traders offering scrap cars wanted for cash and deal with the experts at instead 01204 323145.