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Scrap my car Bolton

Searching online for a scrap car removal service? You may be worried that you will not be getting the best price and may not even be dealing with a reputable firm.

However, when you contact you will be reassured that not only do we have a network of agents around the country, but we also pay the best scrap prices.

This means there’s no need to shop around in the hunt for a better price, or to find a reputable firm.

There are a number of reasons why you should use to dispose of your unwanted car or van.

The first reason is probably the most important and that’s because we are an authorised treatment facility.

This means that we are monitored by the Environment Agency to ensure that the rules on depolluting vehicles are followed and no harm is done to the environment.

Scrap car firm

Scrap my car Bolton
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That’s not quite the same should you decide to use a scrap car firm that is not an authorised treatment facility, which means they are not a legal operation and it’s likely that the depollution process will simply see them remove the expensive parts for selling on and dumping your vehicle.

Also, if you’ve been tempted to use such a scrapyard because they offered more money and to pay you in cash, then receiving hard cash is illegal.

Instead, the the law now clearly states that you must be paid directly into your bank by either a cheque or bank transfer. No reputable scrapping firm will offer money.

For some people, this probably isn’t very important because they have got a slightly better price, even though they may be dealing with a rogue scrapyard.

It will become important if that scrapyard then dumps your vehicle on a verge because you are still legally responsible for it. You will need to remove the dumped vehicle and probably pay for this.

Also, only an authorised treatment facility can tell the DVLA that you have disposed of your vehicle legally and in a responsible manner. The rogue scrapyard will not be able to do this for you.

Cash for your unwanted scrap car or van

There’s also the possibility that someone offering to pay cash for your unwanted scrap car or van may use it for criminal purposes, or even rack up parking tickets and speeding fines, which again you will need to pay.

Alternatively, with a phone call, you can be reassured of getting the best price for your scrap vehicle and arrange a free collection at a time to suit you whether it is at home or at work.

The team are professionals and will be pleased to hear from you and if you need to know more about scrap car removal near you they can answer any questions. Call them today on 01204 323145.